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Cinnamon Lounge Indian is the authentic Indian cuisine situated in Waltham cross, Hertfordshire borough of Broxbourne, has been offering the finest real taste of Indian food with your favorite wine since 1990. Cinnamon’s dishes are originated from traditional Moghul cuisine where chicken, meat as well as fish are cooked in the authentic tandoori oven class of North West India. We generate unlike environs, while reassuring you that the excellence of the food and the service is unswervingly worthy.

Modern and healthy food with spectacular taste is the heart of Cinnamon Lounge. Apart from our appetizing delicious main course and specialised grilled menu, we also serve stubborn vegetarian and gluten free menus. Our Wine list is polished and speckled as our food is which make a perfect combining of dine in our chilled and gorgeous restaurant.

History of Cinnamon Lounge:

“Cinnamon Lounge has been stablished since 1990 and the restaurant has over 25 years of experience when it comes offering outstanding service and mouth watering food. Over the years Cinnamon has received numerous awards and has perfected the art of fine dinning and offering a true taste of all Indian dishes. We continuously strive for perfection and each and every day we learn about how to improve our dishes. So come and visit us for an unforgettable experience.”

Cinnamon Lounge

Mission & Vision:

After succeeding in curry industry, we are aiming to serve delightful and extraordinary food and drinks. Along with the food and drink we maintain the supreme standards of superiority, brilliance and seasonality and combines both modern-creative and old-fashioned northern graces of cuisine. To unswervingly deliver our customers with perfect service by establishing warmth, courteousness, proficiency, awareness, professionalism and uprightness in our work.

To have every customer who comes through our doors to have an unforgettable experience by what we offer and be desperate to come back for more. To generate and sustain a restaurant that is inclusive and extraordinary in its courtesy to every aspect of procedure. To deliver all who slog with us a friendly, cooperative and rewarding atmosphere which inspires long- term, pleasing, growth employment. To keep our perception different, stimulating and on the cutting edge of the generosity.